Best AR Applications for iOS & Android Platforms

Augmented reality (AR) has always been considered a futuristic concept. However, the concept has been among us for years. AR helps you to experience the objects in the virtual world as if in reality. So iOS and android use the AR technology in their applications. 

BBC Civilisations AR

AR has great use in the field of education and the BBC civilization application paves the way to an augmented reality centric future. The civilization AR app by BBC enables you to explore various historical artefacts, rotating, relocating and resizing as you wish.  The application offers a useful tutorial that helps you navigate through the usage of the app where you can explore the history of the artefact, see the cross-section of the artefact with the help of x-ray function. You can also find the likely future of museums.


There is a small artist in everyone but they don't have the time to sit down to practise the art. Sketch AR is an application that helps you implement AR tracing in your drawing. In the app, you may plot a couple of circles on a paper and choose a sketch.SketchAR projects the image on the paper so that you may trace it on the paper.


Mondly is a language learning app. Now you do not need to be sad about not having the time to learn the language. You can learn the languages on the go. The app offers you 33 languages that you can keep practising with daily exercises. Mondly has incorporated the AR technology into the background. The AR button asks you to find a flat surface like floor and then you can plonk down your AR teacher. The teacher begins your language lessons.

Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go is the game app that has used AR technology to the fullest. The app has evoked the pokemon trainer in every human enabling them to walk around and catch their pokemon. The games use GPS to locate your location and moves in your avatar. The smartphones' camera is used to find Pokemon in the real world.

So AR & VR development company like Ewebdesk can help you incorporate the real world into technology.