Software Tools that Will Make You a Better Blogger

Every writer, amateur or professional, needs to pick up new ways to expand their writing techniques and create elite contents. Well, there are many ingredients which you will need to serve the best content to your cult and this demands some extra help. So, if you are considering for some best writing tools which can boost your blog posts, then here is a list of some essential online writing tools for you which can aid you to upgrade your articles.

Tools for Content Writing

  • Ideaflip
    Instead of writing down everything on a piece of paper, you can use Ideaflip. This tool provides you a visual, interactive domain that enables you to write down, govern, and develop your ideas.
  • Portent's Content Idea Generator
    To create a topic, enter any word related to your future blog post into the search field and voila! You can refurbish the search results as many times as essential until the topic is a ideal match for you.
  • StackEdit
    StackEdit is a great tool for converting text into .html or copying it from WordPress, Google Docs or Word without the formatting changing. It is an in-browser markdown editor created especially for web writers.
  • EduGeeksClub
    EduGeeksClub is one of those resources you need to rely on as a content marketer. Being a professional writing and editing aid, they can both assist you in devising well-written, explanatory, and even viral content, and in compiling your existing blog posts and articles, thus preserving a lot of time.
  • Plagiarism Detect
    Online, plagiarizing someone else’s work, intentionally or inadvertently, can lead to Google flagging or penalizing your website and giving it a low ranking. You can use Plagiarism Detect to keep your content as genuine as possible.
  • Power Thesaurus
    Power Thesaurus is a free thesaurus app which doesn’t feature any ads, because it is crowd sourced, which will instantly make it one of your favorite tools. On top of that, its user interface is very contoured and elegant, and the app itself is always sustain with all the latest developments in principles.
  • Hootsuite
    HootSuite is a platform for social media management that makes scheduling and publishing posts a piece of cake. Once you have done your posts, you can move on to trade with other issues. HootSuite will send you a notification, whenever the publishing time comes.

These efficient tools will become your honest assistants and bring much comfort when coming up with new topics, plotting infographics, and other related content. A lot more tools still there exists.  You can save a lot of time, which means you can aim on the trait of your content.