Types Of Digital Content That Influence Customer Decision

The type of content you create depends on the needs of your audience. The needs of the audience vary at different stages of the buyer’s journey. Creating buyer personas helps you distinguish the audience’s challenges and needs. The main priority of your content should be helping the audience overcome challenges & meet their goals.

Once you create relevant content, it is time to find when is the audience ready to use your content depending on which stage of the buyer's journey they are. This is called content mapping.

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Content mapping can be used to target an audience based on buyer personas and how close was the person to make a purchase.

You may represent your content in different formats which can be applied to different stages of a buyer’s journey.

Awareness Stage

  • Blog posts- A great way to increase your organic traffic when paired with strong keywords and SEO strategies
  • Infographics- They can be easily shared on social media and increases your chance of being found on social media through sharing.

Short videos- Short videos are easily understandable and engaging. Used to generate interest among new audience especially on platforms like youtube.

Consideration Stage

  • Ebooks- Ebooks are more informative and engaging than the blog post and infographics which help in lead generation. So people are likely to share their contact information to get access to the content.
  • Research reports-These are high-value content that helps in lead generation. These can be used in the awareness stage which can be published through media or press
  • Webinars-Webinars are informative and interactive content which provide an elaborate understanding of your brand.


Decision Stage

Case studies- Case studies have detailed layout of your business strategies that can make a positive impact on your audience who is considering to make a purchase.

Testimonials- Testimonies are original feedbacks from your previous customers. Testimonies are real content that generates trust in your brand. So use them to gain more loyal customers.