Why is SEO important for business?

SEO-Search Engine Optimization is predefined rules that can be used by websites/blogs to optimize their content & HTML codes to make their website available for search engine and improve ranking. It's an effective way to make your website user-friendly, fast and easy to navigate. SEO is essential for small, medium, and big businesses to bring in more leads and customers. SEO assures better ROI than traditional marketing strategies.

SEO ensures the following:

Better Visibility & Branding

Do you want to appear on top of the search list when people search for products & services related to your business? So once you appear at the top, the customers to visit your website & browse through the product & services. Now it's not just about getting a visitor on your website. The customer does not stop with the one-time search. They search multiple times, compare and analyze the same product and services. And SEO makes sure you appear in all these searches & gain more credibility and mindshare with the customers. The trust you can make through being constantly pop up in all searches will gain you more customers.

Increase Credibility

Every time your website shows up on top of Google search, unknowingly you regaining a vote of confidence in the potential buyer's mind. It's simple human psychology. If Google says you are relevant, then you are trustworthy. So naturally, customers opt to buy your products and services. After all, business is all about trust!!

Increase Business traffic

Increasing traffic on your website does not assure you a hike in your sales and profit. Imagine the situation of a shop situated on a deserted corner of the town a shop located in the crowded street. Which shop do you think will get more customers? The one in the crowded street. Likewise, the idea of increasing more website traffic through SEO is to bring in your products and services to a larger audience and increase the possibility of more conversions and revenue. So SEO also ensures that you get more potential customers than just visitors.

Better ROIs in advertising

SEO marketing gives you better ROI compared to other traditional marketing methods. SEO is an inbound marketing strategy where you market your product and services when people require it. This type of marketing does not interrupt the customers in between their favourite TV shows or activity. You do not have to convince them that they require the product rather you need to appear credible. SEO is half the battle won when it comes to ROI.

Gives you unmatched insight into your customer
SEO generates qualified traffic. Google Analytics tracks this traffic. They collect data and analyze the behaviour of your customers like how they search, how they browse, which language they use, which technology, the location they live in, the days they are active, and time. All this information will help you device marketing strategies that bring in more conversions and revenue.

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