Your Website is more essential than Your Business Card, why?

Many years ago Entrepreneurs and businessmen uses the business card which was one and only means for marketing and promoting their business which was done by delivering the business card to their clients. It was the rapid way for the people to extend advertisement in business services and their various products and to keep in contact with their clients so that they can give a short introduction about their company, some details of the business which includes their logo and some basic details about their brands.

But today, Entrepreneurs uses website which is the platform that helps them to engage and keeps the broader range of audience with numerous marketing strategies. They steer all their business online through websites. Earlier business cards had data only related to contact information but now Website helps clients to know about the story involving their business, and gives a brief description about the team members, and provides updates in market values which is used to build a good relationship between clients.


  • Business cards are outdated

    When was the last time you attended a networking event and handed out a business card? Of course yes, cards can still be useful, but nowadays professionals add each other to LinkedIn or drop a quick email, rather than hold on to a handful of business cards at the end of an event.

  • Networking has moved to social media

    In the same breath, it’s important to note that business networking has evolved. More and more networking is happening online, and as such, business cards have become redundant; instead, a site where you can direct interested parties will help generate leads and increase conversions.

  • Your website can be constantly tweaked

    Unlike a business card, which must be reprinted when you make changes to your branding, telephone number or email address, a website can be updated at the drop of the hat, allowing you to add information, new products and services, and more. In fact, it pays to update your website regularly, both with blog posts and new features, to encourage people to come back.

  • Consumers look for businesses online

    Gone are the days of searching through a business directory or holding on to a leaflet; modern consumers look for businesses online. With an optimized website, you can appear on search engine results pages (SERPs) for terms like ‘mechanics in Perth’ and find more customers.